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The FIFFCO Flexible Sprinkler Hose is a unique sprinkler drop assembly comprised of a branch line adapter nipple, a stainless steel flexible hose with two slip nuts, a sprinkler reducer, and lightweight ceiling bracket components. (Ref. Figure 1.) The Flexible Hose can be installed in false ceilings without cutting and threading pipes associated with installing a drop, arm over, and elbows. FASTFLEX makes it possible to test and charge the system with water before the ceiling grid is installed. Once the ceiling grid is in position, the Flexible Hose can be reshaped to suit the final sprinkler location without draining the system.
The Flexible Hose is installed quickly without large and expensive tools. Ideal projects are offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, and shopping complexes.
The hose is for use on wet pipe, preaction, and dry-pipe systems. The hose can also be used in conjunction with ultra-low flow water mist nozzles following the design criteria outlined in this technical data sheet