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Deluge systems deliver large quantities of water, over a large area, in a relatively short period of time. Deluge valve is one type of system control valve in a deluge system. Deluge Valve is a quick release, hydraulically operated diaphragm valve. It is used for fast application of water in a spray system. This type of valve preserves applications in the zones like industrial application, storage tanks, conveyor protection, power transformer installation, etc. Additional extension of foaming agent deluge valve can be deployed to inflammable liquid fire and aircraft hang


The Deluge valve is maintained closed by pressure applied to the control chamber through a restricted priming line. In the SET position, the water pressure is supplied through the deluge valve control chamber via a check valve and through the normally closed release device. The deluge valve has three chambers, isolated from each other by the diaphragm operated clapper and seat seal. While in SET position, water pressure is transmitted through an external bypass check valve and restriction orifice from the system supply side to the top chamber, so that supply pressure in the top chamber act across the diaphragm
operated clapper which holds the seat against the inlet supply pressure, because of the differential pressure design. On detection of fire, the top chamber is vented to atmosphere through the outlet port via opened actuation devices. The top chamber pressure cannot be replenished through the restricted inlet port, and the upward force of the supply pressure lifts the clapper allowing the water flow to the system piping network and alarm devices. The trims are functionally termed as Dry Pilot Trim, Wet Pilot Trim, Electric Trim, and Test and Alarm Trim as per the method of actuation of the deluge valve. Trim means to make something tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it.


  • UL Listing is valid only when Deluge Valve is installed with trim set as per the trim drawing.
  • The trip time of the deluge valve on of device through the detection network, will depend on the volume of the detection network. If the trip time of the deluge valve is more, then it can be substantially reduced by installing a check valve in the branch of the release line in the detection network. The check valve flow shall be towards releasing device.
  • The pneumatic system must have a restricted orifice at the air or gas supply point. The restriction nozzle is supplied with dry pilot actuation trim.
  • UL Listing is valid only when the Listed Solenoid Valve provided for the electric operation of the deluge valve is retained in the trim. If any other solenoid valve is used, the deluge valve trip time may be quite high or the deluge valve may not trip.

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