Who we are!

FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD is one of the leading Fire Fighting equipment’s manufacturer and trader based on United Kingdom. We found that the human being has to faced different challenges to exiting themselves from different disaster like fire. So, worldwide recent events have shown the most importance of fire safety industry. “Agility to Safe”,  FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD is rudiment their  business to protect the man’s life and property from fire disaster by manufacturing & trading innovative and technological Fire Fighting Equipment’s like Fire Protection Systems, Fire Hydrant Equipment’s, Sprinkler Systems Equipment’s, Fire Fighting Pump, Fire Alarms & Notification Systems, Fire Suppression System, Fire Fighting Foam Systems etc. With the most proficient and dedicated team, FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD is always devoted to caring quality of products and services by complying updated and innovated technologies and ideas.


FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD desire to see the world a safer, green and sustainable planet. So, our endeavor is to make the earth a save, secure & balanced place through the attention of fire safety equipment’s producing  trading  globaly.


FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD’s objective is to be one of the top most world famous brands of Fire Fighting Equipment’s manufacturer and  supplier by complying determined quality. Our wide range of certified & exactness equipment & eligible technologies ensure proficient Fire Fighting service in the field of life & property safety. To achieve our objective, we are devoted to ensuring the requirements of the customers with integrity & on time services in all the areas of today’s life & property safety.


FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD is one of the leading  Fire Fighting Equipment’s manufacturer & trader based on United Kingdom in the field of building & industrial fire safety & security all over the world.

FIFFCO GLOBAL’s business focus is ensuring sustainable, green, innovative, smart & ecological solutions to enhance a brighter & safer life for the inhabitants in the world. To adapt the today’s technology & market, our specialized team always keeps on running their R &D to the relevant sectors. So we are committed to rise and continue the highest international safest technology.

FIFFCO GLOBAL proposes & provides  UL, FM, KITEMARK, LPCB, VDS, CE certified & NFPA compliance standard Fire Fighting Equipment’s. By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, we became specialized by offering complete solutions & supply under one roof for all types of high-quality Fire Fighting Equipment like Fire Protection & Sprinkler Systems, Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarms & Notification System.