FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD. is one of the leading Fire Fighting equipment’s manufacturer and trader based on United Kingdom. We found that the human being has to faced different challenges to exiting from different disaster like fire. So, worldwide recent events have shown the most importance of fire safety industry. “Agility to Safe”,  FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD. is rudiment their  business to protect the man’s life and property from fire disaster by manufacturing & trading innovative and technological Fire Fighting equipment’s like Fire Protection Systems, Fire Hydrant Equipment’s, Sprinkler Systems Equipment’s, Fire Fighting Pump, Fire Alarms & Notification Systems, Fire Suppression System, Fire Fighting Foam Systems etc. With the most proficient and dedicated team, FIFFCO GLOBAL LTD. is always devoted to caring quality of products and services by complying updated and innovated technologies and ideas.


FIFFCO GLOBAL LIMITED chases their core morals as a guide to build up the mutual principle of operation to honorable clients.


FIFFCO who doesn't think to compromise the quality of their products or services.


FIFFCO always committed to ensure the integrity, sincerity & honesty in it's all action.


Team works empowers each individuals strength to ensure company’s objectives are achieved.


FIFFCO is dedicated to provide high quality service & importance to respective customers.


"Agility to safe", FIFFCO's passion is working to protect the man's life & property from fire.


FIFFCO always try to adapt the innovative & upgrade technology on his relevant field.


Treat everyone with great respect and appreciate them in the all aspect of his differences.


We continue to refine and evolve to meet the environmental and ecological green world.

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